5 Wrong Advices You Should Avoid In Pregnancy

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“I have two kids. I know everything about pregnancy. I’m telling you, if you raise your hands up, the cord will harm your baby.” Confident moms are all around you to give suggestions with their so-called ‘best’ advices. And as you are going to be a mom for the very first time, you will obviously believe their suggestions. 

But you should stop listening and believing everything they say and read this article once before you start abiding their advices. Being a mother can never certify that the woman knows everything. Be practical and let’s know about the wrong advices you must advice in pregnancy.

1. The first wrong advice: The first wrong idea that you may come by as we mentioned in the very beginning. You can raise your hands above your head and believe us that the umbilical cord has nothing to do with your raised hands. So your baby will be safe if you keep raising up your hands as much as you want during pregnancy. The problem of wrapped cord around your baby’s neck is not related to your raised hands.

2. The second wrong advice: Tight maternity work out pants will harm your baby. This is not at all true. Your baby will not be affected. It is just that you will feel uncomfortable with such tight fitted clothes. Maternity wears are made keeping in mind your and baby’s comfort and health.

3. The third wrong advice: “Skip the pool time or your baby will drown.” – This is the third wrong advice you need to avoid. False idea once again, you may get from the moms. But it is nothing like that. With proper maternity work out pants, you can continue the cardio exercises. In addition, for the best form of cardio swimming has no other substitute.

4. Fourth advice: Eating five entire bars of chocolate will help in increasing the amount of your breast milk – another boring idea. Chocolates have no connection with enhanced production of your breast milk. In fact, you will have the caffeine effect on your body. Overdose of caffeine may harm you health during pregnancy. Two hundred mg of caffeine is reasonable. Do not go for more.

5. Fifth advice: Having headache is natural during pregnancy. If someone suggests you to go for smoking pot for getting rid of this, please skip it. Put a warm towel on your face to reduce your headache or have prescribed medicines by doctors. Have healthy food, adequate water and at least eight hours of sleep. Headache will not bother you anymore.