How To Dress To Complement Your Ink

Tattoos are no longer uncommon. Every other person that you pass on your way to work might be sporting even a tiny bit of ink even if though it might not be very clear. Some tattoos are very visible but depending upon the location and the size of it, some tattoos may not be very visible. Here are some tips on how you can dress to complement your ink and maybe even show it off a little bit. pin up clothing online

Tattoos on thighs, under buttocks and above the knee

It’s quite simple, you can wear a variety of shorts, skirts and frocks that are of less length than the ink. if you are going to a costume party some pinup girl clothing ideas will work really well for you. If you are on a casual day or night out, opt for some comfortable shorts with a top or maybe even a short skirt. For something more formal a gown will look nice. Depending upon the extent of the tattoo and its exact placement, you might want to think about how long the attire is that you will be wearing and if it can actually complement the positioning of your ink. Some materials like denim will also work really well with tattooed skin and make it look edgy and unique.

Tattoos on ribs, sternum, side and stomach area

It’s time to visit those fashion boutique online options, and start looking for bohemian chic clothing or even the gypsy style of attire. Crop tops, tie up crop tops and tank tops will be able to reveal just enough of the ink that you have. White and black along with rustic shades like coffee and ice grey will look really good with the ink and your skin while highlighting the ink to a great extent as well. Rather than wearing skin tight tops, opt for loose fitting comfortable types because they will help draw attention to the beautiful works of art that you wear and not just the attire.

Tattoos on arms and shoulders

If you have some beautiful designs drawn into your skin along your arms or on your shoulder, you should think of wearing short sleeved, strapless or strappy tops that will draw visibility to the areas that your ink has been done in. If you have a lot of colour in your ink, try to wear solid shades like black and white because they will not take away from the ink and will give it a very funky and edgy feel. Wearing brightly designed attire with too much going on in the print might make it look like you are covered in colours way too much. You can view more examples here